Our toddler rooms are extremely exciting!  This is where children learn to play and interact with their peers, while more readily and ably exploring the world around them.  Our toddler staff is sunny and enthusiastic, providing the children with a variety of stimulating choices and activities to promote all areas of development while seamlessly integrating fundamental building blocks of learning, as well as age appropriate limits.  In the toddler room, children are encouraged to try things for themselves, explore toys and materials, and to interact with their peers, all with the gentle guidance of teachers who focus on assisting interaction and empowering discovery.

We offer a very balanced classroom environment to our curious toddlers, including a variety of opportunities for children to enjoy interaction with peers or to choose independent play, energetic classroom areas as well as calm quiet spaces, structured activities and teacher lead interactions .  Our toddlers have several areas to play in throughout the day including a play kitchen, a soft block area with big cars and trucks, art and easel activities, puzzles, indoor climbing structures, daily sensory play, a very cozy and inviting library, and so much more!  Our Teachers are active participants in the children's play throughout the day, promoting language development and social interaction, as well as independence. 

Our toddlers are learning and doing so much for the first time and we are here to support and nurture their every decision!


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