Our Preschool program is designed to promote enthusiasm and curiosity, build independent skills, and foster an understanding of social interactions and emotions.  Our rooms enable children to make choices throughout the day, having open access to a wide variety of frequently rotated toys and materials.   Our talented preschool staff designs significant learning experiences using theme based curriculum centered on the interests of the children.  The preschool day is divided into a predictable and consistent schedule, allowing for teacher directed group times, as well as free play and independent exploration.

We have purposefully designed our classrooms to encourage independence and promote self help skills.  Learning continues in the many areas throughout the rooms that are set up so that the children can access the items of their choice.  We have art areas, writing centers, a library, an evolving dramatic play area, block area, science area, and much more! We offer puzzles of various sizes from 6 pieces to 100 pieces, some tiny puzzles and some huge floor puzzles.  We have a variety of reading materials from picture books to chapter books, and read stories and sing songs all day long.  We promote respect and enjoyment for literature through reading books, listening to books on tape, acting out stories, using flannel pieces to tell stories, chalk drawings, and much, much more!

We encourage scientific exploration, challenging children to ask questions, make observations and form theories about the world around them. Each child in preschool is an artist, a scientist, an engineer, an athlete, and an author, as we work to enrich all sides of their development.

Our preschoolers learn by doing.  We offer a hands-on curriculum that allows each child to feel successful while being challenged, tailored to meet the needs and interests of the children in the class!
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