We are proud to offer two infant rooms with one Teacher and three infants in each room.  We keep our infant class size small to be better able to nurture the crucial early developmental stages of each child. Our infant staff is well trained in infant development, as well as the importance of the parent teacher partnership.
Our infant rooms are warm and cozy places, filled with texture, color and a variety of age-appropriate toys!  

The infants have many opportunities throughout the day to enjoy and explore their world with their senses. Babies need sensory stimulation because it is the way they form their understanding of the world!
  Children are presented with a variety of toys that rattle, pop-up, squeak, squish, stack, and so much more! Reaction toys help babies begin to form an understanding of cause and effect.

Our Teachers promote language development by talking and singing to the children throughout the day; they speak to the children with warm nurturing tones and a high degree of respect, explaining what they are doing and why as they enjoy different activities, building both the fundamentals of language and the security of consistent routine and predictable outcomes. 

We lay a secure groundwork for understanding and appreciation of the arts, playing a variety of children's music, and covering the walls with visual and textural elements. Children also explore paint, crayons and other safe, infant appropriate art materials as soon as they are ready!
We nurture their physical development and as children learn and grow in our infant room so do the classrooms! The room accommodates them as they begin to hold up their heads and look around, work on building core strength to sit or scoot, and begin to pull up or walk!

Each child is cuddled, nurtured and loved; we provide a happy, consistent, safe environment for your precious little ones!
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