“I had to come back and rate Stepping Stone again.  We moved in July from Watertown and transferred our son to another daycare.  It was a nightmare.  It wasn't a good fit.  I was frustrated and confused because my son had such a wonderful experience at Stepping Stone.  I reached out to the Administrator, Elizabeth to ask for help, suggestions, feedback, etc.  I was at a loss.  She not only helped me understand more about the work she taught at her establishment but helped me find a new daycare for my son.  She offered to speak with new teachers even come and observe.  She went above and beyond.  I mean WAY above and beyond for me and my family.  
If you are lucky enough to get a spot at Stepping Stone, take it."
- Jen D.

"Our partnership with Stepping Stones began when our older son (now almost 5) was a young toddler.  We looked at many schools, and none could compare with the warm, professional, nurturing community at Stepping Stones.  Four years later, both of our boys continue to flourish under the care of Elizabeth Kelly and her remarkable staff:  these are experienced teachers, well versed in all aspects of early childhood education, and they encourage curiosity and play, friendship and respect, tolerance and—most importantly—fun!  We simply cannot imagine a better learning and caring environment.  As parents, clients, and occasionally play and sing-a-long companions there, we have never felt anything but welcomed and supported at Stepping Stones."
- M. Feld & M. Fein

“The caring, friendly staff at Stepping Stones is wonderful.  The varied activities provided to the children make each day new and interesting.  The center is always clean and well organized and seems to invite the children into play.  I have visited many daycare centers and both my children attended other centers in other cities.  When we moved to Watertown I looked at one daycare, “Stepping Stones” and I did not have to look further.  From the minute I walked into Stepping Stones, I knew it was a great place for children to learn, socialize and grow.”

- M. Soule


“When I first enrolled Ahmed at Stepping Stones, I thought the transition period would be quite challenging, but the loving care and patience of the teachers were truly amazing.  Now, we both consider Stepping Stones to be his second home.” 

- S. Bekdash


“When our daughter started going to Stepping Stones, as ‘first-timers,’ we were very excited yet nervous for her and for us. We knew it would be a big change for all of us but we took the chance and in Stepping Stones we found… a welcoming, open place that teaches her a lot of things including English, independence, singing, art, science, and most of all they give her the opportunity to explore and experience a variety of new and important things. As parents, Stepping Stones continues to provide us with the support we need as ‘first-timers.’  Each day we continue to be excited for her wonderful daily experiences.”

- L. Pesok Bogin


Dear Elizabeth,

We just completed our quarterly meeting with Mandy. Going through this process has made me think about how lucky we are to have found Stepping Stones Child Care Center. Since my girls (Iris and Camilla) started day care at another location in Somerville we have always called it "Day Care Home" because of the amount of time they are there and the important relationships they develop there. At Stepping Stones, my girls have continued to have wonderful relationships with both staff and other children.

But that is not the full extent of the wonderful care you provide my children. Our quarterly meeting spurred my recognition that at Stepping Stones my girls are really learning life skills - and at the age of three years old! They are learning how to communicate their emotions, how to interact with fellow children, how to be patient with themselves and others. And always they are engaged and challenged! And this is all in a days work for you and your staff. As a parent, I also am learning from your staff about alternative ways interact with my children equally on the encouragement and on disciplinary style needs of each child.

I wanted to send you a note to let you know that we appreciate all that you do and the effort you put into each and every day.

All the best,

The Farrars

Elizabeth, Duane, Iris and Camilla
Watertown, MA


“It's obvious that the teachers make a concerted effort to provide details about your child's day. They are also readily available for more in-depth conversations when necessary. The communication with the teachers is exemplary.”

– Anonymous, taken from End of the Year Preschool Survey 2014-2015


“I'm amazed at how resourceful the teachers are! They can make a truly meaningful amazing gift with the refuse of others. Additionally, our child is excited to learn and shares things learned in school with us quite regularly. I honestly feel that the overall environment for our child is truly conducive to learning and retaining information.”

– Anonymous, taken from End of the Year Preschool Survey 2014-2015


“Overall we are very happy with the care our child is receiving from both teaching and administrative staff. We have no concerns at all about the quality of care and can rest easy knowing that she is safe and happy. At this stage of development, we are most concerned about the care and attention she receives, although we are thoroughly impressed by the outstanding curriculum and offerings and know that it has contributed significantly to her growth and development.”

– Anonymous, taken from End of the Year Preschool Survey 2014-2015


“Stepping Stones is every parents' dream. It's small enough that you can have a very meaningful relationship with the teachers and administration, but large enough physically to supply needs of the children (I particularly love that there is a gym so that physical activity is possible even in extreme weather). The teachers and staff demonstrate a level of commitment, passion, enthusiasm and expertise that, even 10 months into our experience, still amaze me. How are they always so energetic?! Their dedication is also unmatched. There are many amazing aspects of Stepping Stones, but the teachers are top-notch and we love them, truly love them, dearly.

 – Anonymous, taken from End of the Year Preschool Survey 2014-2015

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