Stepping Stones plans to offer child-friendly Yoga classes in the evening!

Young children can the world of yoga through song and game, movement, simple breathing techniques and the power of imagination!

Child-friendly uses the power of storytelling to explore yoga postures and inspire body awareness. Learning through play and curiosity is an excellent way to bring childlike-wonder and joy to the yoga experience.

Body awareness not only inspires confidence, it helps us show compassion and kindness towards others (a very important lesson for the developing mind of a child). After all, it’s only when we understand our inner workings that we can begin to empathize with others.

Young children are natural “yogis” – a little bit of playfulness and encouragement goes a long way towards increasing confidence and open-mindedness.

There are many therapeutic benefits of yoga that complement the natural development of children’s’ minds and bodies, including:

- Strength and flexibility

- Concentration

- Creativity

- Social Skills

- Language Development

Studies have shown that when yoga is incorporated into a classroom environment, self-regulation, mindfulness and overall performance is cultivated at a higher rate. At home, the after-effects of a strong yoga practice strengthen family dynamics, as well as highlight the importance of routine and structure among creativity. Children thrive when given a foundation of support and healthy, consistent habits!

Learning with an adult helps inspire confidence and trust, and practicing with a familiar face ensures that your child will feel free and safe to express their natural curiosity!

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