Puddlestompers’ Philosophy

Just beyond our doors – in city and suburb alike – there is a wondrous world of natural activity. Whether in a local forest or pond or even the park at the end of the block, the cycle of life and the daily happenings of nature can delight a young child’s unbridled curiosity all year round.

Puddlestompers’ mission is to connect the youngest naturalist to the open spaces that surround their homes. By providing families and schools with seeds of interest and tools of exploration, Puddlestompers seeks to help build the foundation for a lifelong enjoyment and love of the outdoors.

A percentage of Puddlestompers’ revenues are donated to host towns to support local environmental education and/or conversation efforts.


Program Information


Puddlestompers connects children with the natural world. Hands-on activities and active movement engage young learners as they discover the mysteries of nature. Experienced naturalists adapt the lessons to our gym space and meet the needs of our different age groups.


Experienced Outdoor Educators


For over 14 years, Puddlestompers’ educators have explored nature with young naturalists. Safety is the top priority! Puddlestompers works to create a safe and nurturing environment. The experienced teacher and naturalists guide children as they observe patterns and changes in nature and make independent discoveries!


Seasonal, Integrated Curriculum


Through all seasons, Puddlestompers programs engage children in nature discovery through hands-on activities, active movement and games, music and stories. The lesson topics span all seasons and are designed to highlight the ongoing cycles of nature. Each of our many programs is designed to be accessible and tailored to the development needs of all children. All lessons connect to the Massachusetts Curriculum Standards.


For each program, Puddlestompers provides a take-home handout that provides factual information, a list of books, exploration and project activities and on-line resources related to the theme in order to extend learning into the home.


Seasonal Sample Topics


Fall: Squirrels, Chipmunks, Grasshoppers, Migration

Winter: Evergreens, Hibernation, Foxes, Owls, Animal Homes

Spring: Seed Growth, Frogs, Trees, Weather, Mud and Soil, Worms

Summer: Ants, Flowers, Ducks and Geese, Ladybugs, Turtles

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