Stepping Stones Child Care Center, Inc. and Cobblestones, LLC collaborate to offer developmental support for our children and families - mostly preventative in nature rather than only if a concern arises, and to be a resource for teachers and families. Cobblestones’ mission is to empower and support caregivers from all walks of life from pregnancy through preschool.   


Cobblestones is made up of a team of clinicians including an Occupational Therapist, Developmental Educator, Speech-Language Pathologist, and a Special Education Teacher. Cobblestones joins forces with the administration of Stepping Stones to participate in classroom observations that are done throughout the year. Observations allow us to gather information and make adjustments to the curriculum or the environment if necessary to enhance the experience for each child attending the Center. Cobblestones also offers parent workshops and teacher trainings throughout the year. Further, for any families interested, the team offers individual developmental check-ins to provide families with specific information regarding their child’s development and expected milestones. During individual appointments, developmental handouts and resources are given to the family in order to help support their child’s development and to help them reach their fullest potential.


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