Stepping Stones Promotes Healthy Nutrition!

Stepping Stones provides a nutritional breakfast for those that participate in our early morning drop-off option. For all others we provide a morning and an afternoon snack. Our snacks include a variety of cereals, cheese, crackers, fresh fruit and the occasional home-baked food prepared by the children. All fruits and vegetables are fresh and purchased from local stores, including Russo's Market in Watertown. During snack times, we provided filtered water. At lunch, which is provided by families, we offer whole milk for our Toddlers and 2% milk for our Preschoolers. Our Infant families provide all of their nutritional substances throughout their child’s time in our Infant Program, including solid food for snacks once appropriate.   

Please be sure to notify Stepping Stones of any allergies that your child may have

or special diet that may be required.

Stepping Stones is a nut/peanut/peanut butter free center.

Families provide a nutritional lunch every day for their own children. It is important that we all keep nutrition in mind when providing food for the children. Please be aware that in our Toddler and Preschool classrooms we do not refrigerate or heat lunches. We ask that food that should be warm should be properly packed in a thermos and require that you pack items that should stay cold with an ice pack. Our Infant rooms are equipped with their own refrigerators and microwaves and follow guidelines given by the parent in regards to storing and preparing liquids and solids. 

Some lunch suggestions:

-         Create an interest in your child’s lunch by having them assist you in the food shopping and preparation.

-         Keep lunches simple but offer variety.

-         Send bagels or muffins along with the spread on the side.  This allows for independence.

-         Send yogurt with a nut free granola to sprinkle on top.

-         If you send cut or peeled fruit, dress it with lemon or orange juice to prevent it from discoloring before lunch.

-         Sandwich ideas: cream cheese, grilled cheese, jelly, soy butter, turkey or tuna.

-         Send lunchmeats rolled up or chopped instead of on bread.

-         Vegetables are always great. Send along a container of dressing for dipping.

-         Fruits are always welcome.

-         Children enjoy leftovers!  Pizza, pasta, chicken and rice.

-         Fruit bars, cheese sticks, applesauce and yogurt are always a great option.

Birthday snacks are welcome. Please be aware of our nut/peanut/peanut butter free center policy when preparing snacks to share with your child’s peers. When sending a birthday snack or an “any-day” snack, please send along the ingredients in a little note. Having the ingredients helps us to be sure the snack is safe for all children with various allergies, as well as build a recipe book for future baking projects we may do together. Please keep in mind that some parents prefer a limited amount of sugar in their child’s diet. Thank you for your cooperation. Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in their child’s birthday celebration at Stepping Stones whenever possible.

Below is a starter list for nut free snack options… there are many, many more! Fruit is always a great treat!

Some nut-free options include:

- Cheerios

- Cheez-its

- Goldfish Crackers

- Kellogs Nutri-Grain Twists and some Bars

- Life, Kix, Wheat Chex Cereals

- Nabisco Graham Crackers

- Oreos

- Original Wheat Thins

- Plain Pretzels

- Teddy Grahams (Honey and Cinnamon)

- White and Wheat Breads

Unsafe and Prohibited Foods

- Baked Goods containing nuts or nut oil

- Honey Nut Cheerios

- M&M’s and candy bear (read ingredients carefully)

- McDonald’s Chicken and French Fries

- Most Girl Scout Cookies (read ingredients carefully)

- Most granola bars (read ingredients carefully)

- Most Keebler Products (read ingredients carefully)

- Ritz Crackers with Cheese or Peanut Butter

- Sesame Street Cookies and Crackers

- Some Animal Crackers (read ingredients carefully)

- Some Rice Cakes (read ingredients carefully)


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